About us


Even as a small child company founder Jürgen Kaiser has been infected by the boat virus and his passion for boats and the proximity to the water grew steadily.

Even in his childhood he acquired through the design and construction of its own radio-controlled model racing boats , basic knowledge of fluid dynamics and statics in the practical sense.


With 18 years finally his first sport boat , a “yogurt cup” from England, but not for long remained in its original state of desire for perfection and speed, and was converted to 130Kmh bullet.

With thoughts like “Much of the original is now anyway not much left”, and “everything except polyester” in 2001 is now the start of construction of its first boat, and as befits a master carpenter , of course, made ​​of wood!

2004 037

After a good dozen wooden boats were built , his hobby became his profession with the foundation of the Bootsmanufaktur in 2009.

Since then, up to five custom runabouts are produced every year in our small and very fine shipyard.